Yoga for back pain

Back pain is one of the most experienced physical issues all over the world. Its major reason is inactivity at work places. More often than not work places employ behind the desk jobs, which makes a person sit for hours.

Back pain can develop into not only physical pain but mental stress as well. There are different therapies to heal chronic and non-chronic back pains. These methods usually include expensive medicines and gym memberships but there are low cost home based solutions as well. The leading method is “YOGA” which is an exercise that is ideal for DIY.

Yoga is a physical exercise but includes all three physical, mental and spiritual domains. Many researchers have shown that yoga has the potential to heal many chronic diseases like cancer, asthma and body pains. Back pain is one basic dysfunction of the human body that Yoga treats (if done correctly). The article is about some famous yoga positions that help relieve back pain, whether it is a recent issue or a long time one.

The first and most famous position is the DOWNWARD FACING DOG It elongates cervical spine and strengthens the core, lower back and hamstring. Start on all four, stretch out with legs and hands completely apart and lift your hips. Stretch fully and hold breath for five seconds. The next position comes directly after downward facing dog and is known as UPWARD FACING DOG. In the previous position lower your hips to the ground and face up while crossing the plank position. Keep your knees off the ground and hold breath for five seconds.

Downward Facing Dog

back pain - downward facing dog

Upward Facing Dog

back pain - upward facing dog

The next position is the LOW LUNGE WITH BACK BEND. This position stretches the complete back making it strong in the process. Start in a low lunge position and lower your back knee to the ground. Try holding hands behind your back for maximum result after you bring arms up alongside your ears and position back. The next position is known as SEATED FORWARD FOLD, which is an intermediate position. This stretches your hamstring and lower back while you sit flat on the ground with feet stretched forward. The person bends forward and holds/touches his toes. If touching of the toes is difficult in the beginning, start with holding of the shin along with holding the breath for three seconds.

Low Lunge With Backbend

back pain - low lunge with backbend

Seated Forward Fold

back pain - seated forward fold

The next position is called STANDING FORWARD WITH CLASPED which stretches the back and shoulder flexibility. For this position, start in standing position and bend to touch the floor but raise the hands behind the back instead and clasp your palms. Bend your elbows for if the stretch is too much in the beginning. Hold breath for three seconds. The last position in this series is called the LOWER BACK CLASP. This is an easy cool down position for the end, which stretches and strengthens the lower back. Lie face down, clasp palms behind your back and lift your chest off the ground. Bend the elbows if the stretch is difficult but keep the palms clasped.

All these exercises and a bit of help in the right kind of food intake that can make a big difference in your lifestyle, relieve you from back pain and help you live the life to its fullest.

Do Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga can be dated back to at least 5000 years ago – some think it to be much older than that. It originated in India; its evolution borne throughout history through Holy Scriptures. It is a form of exercise that brings the physical, mental and spiritual forms into alignment. Modern day exercises have taken much from yoga and refined it to various needs and specifications. However, unlike traditional modern day exercises, yoga is more soothing as its pace is more relaxed and fluid than the former. Studies show that yoga induces insulin sensitivity, which signals your body to use up stored calories rather than let them turn into fat.

Here are a few poses that will get you started on your mission of fat reduction! Results can be seen in as short as 3 weeks, with firmer arms, legs, hips and abs.

The Crescent:

crescent yoga pose

This position firms the hips, thighs and abs. With both feet together, toes facing straight, and your arms at the side, take in a deep breath and stretch your arms over your head and let your fingertips rise towards the roof. Breathe out and while doing so bend towards the front from your hips, and bring down your arms. Breathe in again, and as you exhale, lunge backward with your right leg with the knee bending at a 90 degree angle. The knee should be over the ankle and the right leg should extend so that you are on your ball of your foot. Inhale and raise your arms over your head while looking forward. Hold this position for a while and stand back up. Repeat the step, this time with your left leg lunging back.

The Willow:

willow yoga pose

The willow helps to make the sides of the abs firmer. For this, stand with your feet together and arms extended on the sides. Raise your left leg and rest your sole on your right thigh with the knee bending to the left. Place your palms on your chest and breathe in and out twice. When you inhale the third time, raise your arms with fingers towards the ceiling. As you exhale, bend your upper body to the left. Breathe in and straighten your torso. Repeat the same exercise 3 – 5 times without letting your foot down. Once done, do the same maneuver with the right sole pressed into your left thigh.

Rocking Boat:

rocking boat yoga pose

This exercise is for the abs and back. Sit with bent knees, hands on your thighs and feet flat on the floor. Once your upper body is straight with the head in line, incline backwards at about a 45 degree angle, and raise your feet, so that your calves are parallel to the floor with your toes straight. Take in a breath and slowly extend your arms and legs (not stretching them) with your legs together. Let out your breath and take another breath in while lowering your torso and legs enough so your body forms a wide V – as shown in the picture. Exhale and return to your original position. It is best to repeat the exercise 3 – 5 times.

Yoga DVD as your yoga guide

Yoga DVD as Your Yoga Exercise Book

Yoga exercise is very popular nowadays. Countless individuals enjoy the practice. Millions are blessed and satisfied by the health and emotional well being it offers. Some people join yoga classes at local gyms. Yet some are even more attracted by the bodily or psychological health and fitness benefits, instead of the knowledge or for the desire to reach a higher level of consciousness.

When one practices yoga, he or she can achieve physical and emotional control over their life. Moreover, one is able to avoid stress and anxiety when doing Yoga on a daily basis.DSC_0354

Having said that, most of people favor Yoga with asanas or doing poses, others prefer to engage in mind-calming exercises. Many of those who enjoy Yoga say that have improved themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically.

While some state that these experts have achieved a highly-conscious state of being or mind, others say that they also have are in better shape. Some employ a tutor while some enter into a regional Yoga exercise establishment. Others will buy videos or watch online videos.

Yoga has given people hope. One of my previous Yoga teachers started at age 65 because of health problems and he is now a master. This shows that Yoga is for everyone, whether he be a designer, professor, manager, etc.

Doing yoga frequently is a kind of health remedy.. It relieves one’s tension and also in some cases hinders the onset of disease.

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Additionally, you are going to become physically fit in physical body, mind, and also spirit if you determine to be a Fakir. Regardless, one can easily enjoy the benefits of this when engaged in daily practive. A few of these advantages are actually quite huge. Primarily, it can bring about a great sense of self esteem and self worth. You become stress-free and less restless of things that take place in your daily life.

You immediately realize that you have without a doubt transformed when you begin doing Yoga frequently. Thus whether you intend to progress or merely maintain a certain level, Yoga exercise can suit your demands.

Daily yoga practice has been shown to decrease depression, increase blood circulation, eliminate worry, relieve back pain, get rid of tiredness, and other ailments. Aside from that, it lowers fat deposits and aids you in building a holistic state of health. There are actually several kinds of Yoga exercise that you can choose from based on your needs and abilities.

Furthermore, Doing yoga is actually very dynamic, strengthening your concentration and creativity.

Along with these benefits of Yoga exercise, you become more flexible and get rid of fatty tissue. You don’t need a private instructor to get started. There are tutorial DVD’s as well as video clips you can watch for free on the internet.

There are also publications that have easy-to-follow directions to aid you in your growth and development in the practice of Yoga. You can find beginning Yoga videos that start you off slow and easy. There are more advanced videos as well. There are even DVDs for senior citizens, pregnant women, and women interested in losing weight.